HELP! We need your assistance with locating classmates:

The hardest part of trying to put together a class reunion is locating
classmates to let them know about the event. We always feel badly
when we run into classmates months later who are upset that no one told
them about the reunion.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of our classmates,
please send us their email addresses, home addresses, or phone
numbers. If you do not have this information, perhaps you could let us
know their current last names or what state they last lived in. Maybe you
can provide us with the name of a friend or relative who might know this

We would love to be able to re-establish contact with missing classmates
and encourage them to join us for our 50 year celebration.

Please know that any leads you might be able to provide would be
greatly appreciated.

(Be assured that any contact information you provide will remain in our private
files and will not be shared with others.)

Contact email:         
A - K

Rita Albee

Carol Allen
– deceased

Alan Anderson

Marilyn Auclair

Ronald Ayers

* Michael Baker

Robert Baranski

David Bard

David Bardsley

William Bardsley

Richard Barnes

* Elaine Barriere

Robert Beauchene
- deceased

Joseph Beaudoin

Michael Beaulac

Patricia Beausoleil

Gerald Benoit

Robert Benson

John Bernard

* Linda Berube

* Carole Blodgett

Denise Blumenthal
- deceased

Helen Bobrow

* Susan (Bombard) Marshall

Jan Bonneville

Norman Borders

John Borella

Cecile Boucher
- deceased

Joyce Bouthillier

Leon Bristow

* Sharon Brown

* Susan Brown

David Brumbaugh

Fenner Burlingame

Robert Carpenter

Barbara Carroll
- deceased

Roland Chabot

Susan Chartier

Paul Chatelle
- deceased

Angelo Cinami

Kathleen Clements

Timothy Clements
- deceased?

Thomas Collins

Donna Cornish
- deceased

Steven Cosgrove

Carol Costa Peters

Marilyn Cote
- deceased?

Constance Coutras

Francis Cross

Dottie (Darling) Waddle
- deceased

Linda Dean

Linda Deotte

Edward Desaulnier

* Phyllis Devillez

Randall Devries

Christine Dority

* Mary Duggins

Marie Eggers

* John Ferland

* Karen Flanders Eddy

Brenda Franklin

John Garvey

Cheryl Gaudreault

Bradford Gauthier

Wayne Giambattista

Gary Gibson

Roland Girard

Jeannie Gorman

Cheryl Graff

Karen Graff

Francis Graves

* Kathy (Halainen) Rushalko

* Sheila (Hardell) Richardson

Elizabeth Harrington

* Richard Herklots

Michael Hewko

James Higgins

* LaVerne Hillman

* Linda Hodges

* Michele Huggler

Charlotte Humes

Thayne Hutchins

* Nancy (Jodoin) O’Leary

John Kallio

Jean Kauranen

Bearice Korab

Janice Krushefsky

L - Z

Barbara Laine

Gary Lamirand
- deceased        

* Peter Lang

Robert Langevin
– deceased

David Larocque

Arlene Lefevre

* Lucien Lefevre

Noreen Lemery

Antonia Leoutsacos
- deceased

Dean Logee

Marie Lombardi

Linda Lovering

Charles Lussier

Linda Lutsar

*Karen MacDonald

*Paul Mailhot

*Thomas Malek

*Luba Malt Bugbee

Dennis Manuilow
- deceased

David Manso

Lesley Marshall

Caroline Martin

Nancy Mason

Deborah Masse

Matti Matilda

* Carol (Michaud) Graves

Catherine Moore

Penny Moran

*Ray Morissette

David Moroch
- deceased

Darlene Mozzer

John Murray

Paul Nason

* Pamela (Neff) Opulski

Sheryl (Nelson) Kempain

*Joe Nichols

Helen Niznick

Janice Niznick

*Barbara Normington

* Ellen Joy Orlomoski Wood

Michael Orszulak

Michael Page

Claire Pare

* Katharine (Parron) Collin

Mark Patton

Jean-George Pelletier

Shirley Penny

Vincent Pensak

Gary Perkins

Mary Ann Polanski

Janice Pryor

*Arno Randall

Darlene Ratgen

Douglas Rekola

* Cheryl (Ricard) Wakely

Gordon Richardson

* Joann Ryan Caulder

Patricia Rzeznikiewcz

Marlene Sabourin

Jacqueline Salvas
- deceased

Arthur St. Germaine - deceased

Ellen Savoie

William Savoie

Patricia Schapp

* Robert Sears

Robert Senecal

Kenneth Sigfridson

Linda Simoneau

Elaine Skambis

Lynn (Skaradowski) Rulli

Donald Smith

Gail Smith

Linda Stacy

Sandra Strouse

Kay Stumpp-Ward

Anne Marie Termeulen

* John Theroux

Joan Trahan
- deceased

Linda Veilleux

Sharon Verette

Diane Vitiaz

Frederick Wallace

Allen Warrender

Linda Watson

*Bruce Weaver

Diane Weaver

Sandra Weaver
- deceased

Paul Wheeler

William Wheeler

Darlene Wilmouth

Robert Wollow
- deceased

Alan Zadora

Leonard Zadora

John Zurowski
- deceased?
Contact us by email:        

(Again, be assured that any contact information you provide will remain in
our private files and will not be shared with others.)

Thank you in advance for your help!