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Class of 1968

is over... and everyone survived !!!

The 50th Reunion for the Class of 1968 was held:
Saturday, August 11, 2018
Raceway Golf Club Restaurant
Thompson, CT
6:00 PM - 11:00 PM     Casual Attire

Many thanks to the following persons who helped to plan the reunion:
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Finally, a personal note from Richard Herklots --

At the 40th reunion... at the 45th reunion... and again at the 50th reunion, I had
the opportunity to get together and talk to individuals who I had rarely seen since
graduation. At each event I was amazed by how much we have all matured from
insecure teenagers into decent, caring adults.

Gathered in one room were 63 down-to-earth old acquaintances and 37 of their
guests who shared a sense of community. Classmates who might never have hung
out together 50 years ago were standing around laughing, swapping stories (or
just listening if they were more comfortable doing so) and gaining a greater
appreciation for the lives of their past schoolmates. And everywhere there
flourished a growing sense of mutual respect.

While the photo ID's with names helped A LOT (thank you, Kath
ie) -- forgetting a
name really did not matter. At 68 years of age, we all just chuckled and
acknowledged that forgetfulness seems to be in inescapable part of getting older.
(I made sure to clearly address one guest by his first name "Charlie" all evening...
only to discover while posting the reunion pictures that his first name was "David".
His name tag was right in front of me all night. Hey, at 68 years old... stuff
happens! Sorry, David.)

So here we are. In five years we will be getting together for a 55th reunion. Who
knows maybe we will decide to have an informal get-together sooner. Whenever
we reunite next, it would be great if you could join us.

I guarantee by the time the reunion or get-together is over, you will be proud to
say that you are a member of the KHS Class of 1968... and I suspect you may find
yourself referring to your former classmates as “old friends”.

Until we get together again, take care of yourself and thanks for being a part of the
legendary KHS Class of 1968.

You can always reach us at this email address:

What a GREAT turnout!
A total of 100 people attended: 63 classmates and 37 guests.
Thank you to everyone who joined us and helped
to make the 50th reunion such a memorable event.
Carol Michaud Morissette
Ray Morissette
Cindy Long Sears
Kathie Parron Collins
Richard Herklots
Karen Flanders Eddy
Ellen Orlomoski Wood
Mary Duggins Mongeau
Joe Nichols
Phyllis Devillez
HELP! We still need your assistance:

The hardest part of trying to put together a class reunion is locating
classmates to let them know about the event. Sadly, despite the best
efforts of numerous people, there were still a number of graduates we
were unable to find.

We always feel badly when we run into classmates months later who
are upset that no one told them about a reunion that they missed.

If you have any information about the whereabouts of classmates,
please send us their email addresses, home addresses, or phone
numbers. We would love to be able to re-establish contact with them
and encourage them to join us for our 55th year celebration.

(Be assured that any contact information will remain in our private files and
will not be shared with others.)